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List of Common Objections

List of common objections in the Appeals filed under NDPS Act, 1985, SAFEMA (FP) Act, 1976 and under PMLA 2002
  • Appeals should be filed within the limitation period as per the provisions laid down in different Acts,.
  • If the appeal is file beyond the limitation period it should be enclosed with misc. applications for condonation of delay with supporting affidavit from the appellant.
  • Appeal should be filed as per the formats laid down in different Acts, with supporting affidavit.
  • Appeal should be on legal size paper and properly typed as per the formats provided in different Acts.
  • Appeal should be filed in triplicate as per the format devised by Appellate Tribunal and properly signed by counsel and the appellant.
  • Vakalatnama should be properly signed by the appellant authoring the counsel to contest the case on his behalf.
  • Appeal should be properly paginated and proper indexes should be appended on different folders of the appeal.
  • Appeal must contains Index, Memo of the parties, supporting affidavits etc.
  • Appeal should be enclosed with proper fees payable in the form of Demand Draft in favour of Registrar, Appellate Tribunal, New Delhi as laid down in the Act.
  • Appeal containing the documents to be relied upon should be properly inventoried/paginated.
  • Service to all the respondents to the appeal must be effected by the appellant before the filing of appeal in the registry of Appellate Tribunal and proof of service must be enclosed with the appeal.